“I have had the pleasure and good fortune to gain success and happiness via the wisdom and words of Dr Darryl. First, he has opened a door of happiness in my family that without his help may have never been opened. Second, I will never forget the time or day that Darryl identified my zone which has lead to a whole new world of focus, opportunity and fulfillment for me. This book is a must read if you seek your zone.”

Mike Boyle, Founder and Director, Banjar Group, Melbourne, Australia

“He has done it again! Dr Cross has delivered another of his highly successful and usable books. This book is the perfect tool in this high pressure world, be it in business or life in general. I strongly recommend this book to any organization or individual in search of a satisfying journey in this unbalanced world we live in and to embrace the advice that Dr Cross offers. If the success I have enjoyed personally from his other writings is any indication, I am assured of your success.”

Rowland McGabhann, National Speaker (CSP), & Co-Author of the best seller “Releasing the Beast Within: A path to mental toughness”