It’s the question asked by so many. How can I find happiness? How can I make my life more purposeful? How can I be successful? What do I need to do to get ahead? How can I make it?

dr darryl crossMy name is Dr Darryl Cross and in the next few minutes, I want to show you how you can start to increase your general happiness and start to feel more successful and alive.

I want to tell you about the keys to building a better life using the research in the area of Happiness as well as the anecdotal stories from over the last 30 years or more of my work as a psychologist and coach. These principles are real.

It’s Possible

Sound over the top? Not if you ask those scores of people who have implemented the lessons from this book called “In Pursuit of Success and Happiness: A Practical Guide”.

Yes, it is a practical guide. It’s down to earth, translating what we know in the research field into every day language for us all to understand.

You might surprise yourself at who you can become and what you are capable of in your journey called life.

Individual answers

The answers to these questions are individual for each of us, but the good news is that the principles for gaining happiness and success have been explored and researched. There is now sound scientific evidence that certain formulas and recipes are guaranteed to bring about happiness and contentment.

Furthermore, from the extensive experience of the clinical psychologist, there is a good deal of anecdotal evidence about what works and what doesn’t in terms of increasing happiness.

In this book you will discover:

This book answers seeks to provide those answers about what brings about happiness and success.

• What is happiness really?
• What doesn’t bring happiness and what does?
• Does heredity play a part?
• How to deal with the baggage of the past?
• How to make the most of the present moment
• How to focus on the future & goals
• How to satisfy the 4 basic needs that lead to survival
• How to satisfy the 2 basic needs that provide fulfilment
• How to be less ‘time poor’
• Practical tips for happiness
• Psychological tips for happiness

The principles in this book have enabled scores of people to find more happiness and purpose in their lives and start to become the kind of person that they desired to be. Live your life – there’s no second chance!

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